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M-Flo Square One (Album)


Artist : M-Flo
Title (Album) : Square One
Release Date : 2012.03.14


1. □ [sayonara_2012]
2. Perfect Place
4. □ [frozen_space_project]
5. Never Needed You
6. Oh Baby
7. □ [square1_scene_1_murder_he_wrote]
8. Don’t Stop Me Now
9. All I Want Is You
10. Acid 02
11. Call Me
12. □ [ok_i_called]
13. Sure Shot Ricky
14. RUN
15. □ [square1_scene_2_don’t_blink]
16. So Mama I’d Love To Catch Up, OK?
17. She’s So (Outta Control)
18. Yesterday
19. □ [to_be_continued...]

Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012


About M-Flo

M-Flo is a Japanese hip-hop group currently consisting of producer and DJ Taku Takahashi and emcee VERBAL.
As to the origins of the group's name, VERBAL explains: "It was originally "meteorite flow," but for the Japanese that's pretty long, so (Avex) asked us to shorten it to M-Flo, and it stuck. There's no deep meaning to it. I guess we wanna have impact like a meteorite."

Band Members

Taku Takahashi
Born Taku Takahashi in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan on March 29, 1974. Also known as Taku, ☆Taku Takahashi and Startak. Taku and VERBAL met in Setagaya-ku's St. Mary's International School (Class of 1993). Outside of the m-flo umbrella, Taku has produced tracks for such artists as Crystal Kay and melody. He also once had his own label, Tachytelic Records, which housed Emi Hinouchi.

Born Ryu Yong Gi in Tokyo, Japan on August 21, 1975. Of Korean descent. Also known as Mr. V, Johnny Astro, L Universe, and The Funky President. VERBAL began rapping while on exchange in Boston, Massachusetts during his early twenties. He was responsible for forming espionage records; the label supported his pet projects Heartsdales and MIC BANDITZ. VERBAL has rapped for and produced many other successful J-Pop acts, including Namie Amuro, Kumi Koda, and BoA. In 2003 he contributed to the SUITE CHIC project alongside other top names in Japanese hip-hop. In 2005 he released an album, Beef or Chicken, with the Teriyaki Boyz.

  1. February 23, 2000 – Planet Shining
  2. March 28, 2001 – Expo Expo
  3. May 26, 2004 – Astromantic
  4. August 24, 2005 – Beat Space Nine
  5. March 28, 2007 – Cosmicolor
  6. March 14, 2012 - Square One